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I am the founder and CEO of Royal One Enterprise, an empowerment company that helps women to discover their purpose, embrace their identity, and engage their faith tenaciously. I have a passion and a drive for teaching the Word of God. For years, I have served in ministry in various capacities and spoken at conferences internationally. I desire to empower women to embrace God’s love and understand their self-worth.


As a life and spiritual coach, my mission is to provide a partnership that encourages and inspires women to discover and unlock their full potential.  In 2019, I published my first book entitled Rejected to Accepted: Learning to Love Myself after Adversity. I am also the host of the Royal One Podcast.


I have a Doctorate in Ministry from George Fox University, a Master of Divinity from Western Seminary, and a BS from Michigan State University. I look forward to engaging with you and help you to reach your next level moment.

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